Monday, 24 December 2012

How to Configure your blogger's email address | How to post to blogger from email

Today, Xmas is in the air already and the language of it is joy to the
world and as such, i have decided to bring this piece of joy to
blogger$ that has little/no constant access to pc or bloggers that
travels here and there without thier pc.
Here i want to teach you on how to set up your blogger's email address
and publish post directly from your email or anyone's email you have
access to. I trust its efficiency thats why i want to share it with
you, though it may not be suitable for HTML EDITED POST such as <a
href="">VISIT MY <i>SITE</i></a>......and
the likes.

>Log into your account @ from a pc
>Goto Settings/Email and creat a Mail-to-Blogger secret. Check publish for immediate publishìng.
>Ensure that its working by emailing a post (well constructed post that can be published) to the set address (
>Now you are done.
>Check your site/blog to see your pöst.

Wishing you all merry Christmas and a joyous/prosperous new year in advance.
In my next post i shall be løøking @ how/where to submit your
new/existing blog to receive pings from other sites. Hope you saw what
you came for!

_~Mr. Jerrypraise~_

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