Friday, 25 January 2013

How to activate facebook text messaging

Text "fb" to 631. A link is sent to you and a confirmation code. Click
the link or check the confirmation code that was sent to you,
copy/right it down.
Now Goto your facebook, click on "settingr" then click om "text
messaging" now goto "activate facebook text messaging", on this page
you will be prompted to supply your facebook password. Now on the next
page ir tagged 'choose your country' Nigeria is the first if you are
using an IP in the country. Now choose your mobile carrie(network).
Now enter the confirmation code and click Activate. Thats all, you can
now you will be able to receive mobile text otificatios for all of
your messages, wall posts, and friend requests. You will also be able
to update your status using SMS.
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Our next post we shall be looking at affiliate marketing strategies

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