Saturday, 23 March 2013


DAY 0. March 18th - April 20th: (i) FOOD&NUT 1(Practical) ----- (Date&Time will be arranged by WAEC) (ii) HOME MGT 1(Practical) ----- (Date&Time will be arranged by WAEC) DAY 1. Wed. Apr.10th: (i) HAUSA, IGBO, YORUBA (Essay) ----- (9am-11am) (ii) HAUSA, IGBO, YORUBA (OBJ) ----- (4pm-5pm) DAY 2. Thurs. Apr.11th: (i) CHEMISTRY PRACTICAL ----- (9am-11am) DAY 3. Fri. Apr.12th: (i) LITERATURE2 (Drama & Poetry) ----- (9am-11.30am) (ii) LITERATURE 3&1(Prose&OBJ) ----- (2.45pm-5pm) DAY 4. Mon. Apr.15th: (i)GEOGRAPHY 1(OBJ&ESSAY) ----- (9am-11.40am) (ii) GEOGRAPHY 2(Essay) ----- (3pm-5pm) DAY 5. Tues. Apr.16th: (i) COMMERCE 2(Essay) ----- (9am-11am) (ii) COMMERCE 1(OBJ) ----- (11.30am-12.30pm) (iii) PHYSICS 2(OBJ&ESSAY) ----- (2pm-4.45pm) DAY 6. Wed. Apr.17th: (i) ENGLISH 1(Essay) ----- (9am-11.30am) (ii) ENGLISH 2(OBJ) ----- (2pm-3.15pm) (iii) ENGLISH 3(Oral) ----- (3.30pm-4.15pm) DAY7. Thurs. Apr.18th: (i) FIN. ACCOUNTING 2(Theory&Practice) ----- (9am-11.30am) (ii) FIN. ACCOUNTING 1(OBJ) ----- (11.30am-12.30pm) (iii) BIOLOGY 2(OBJ&Essay) ----- (2.30pm-5pm) DAY 8. Fri. Apr.19th: (i)PHYSICS 1(PRACTICAL) ----- (9am-11.45am) DAY 9. Mon. Apr.22nd: (i) GOVERNMENT 2(Essay) ----- (9am-11.30am) (ii) GOVERNMENT 1(OBJ) ----- (11.30am-12.30pm) (iii) FOOD&NUT 2(OBJ&Essay) ----- (2pm-4.30pm) DAY 10. Tue. Apr.23rd: (i) FRENCH 1(OBJ&Essay)----- (9am-11.15am) (ii) CHEMISTRY 2(OBJ&Essay) ----- (12pm-3pm) DAY 11. Thurs. Apr.25th: (i) AGRIC 1(Practical) ----- (9am-10.30am) DAY 12. Fri. Apr.26th: (i) ECONOMICS 2(Essay) ----- (9am-12pm) (ii) ECONOMICS 1(OBJ) ----- (12pm-12.50pm) DAY 13. Tues. Apr.30th: (i) MATHEMATICS 2(Essay) ----- (9am-11.30am) (ii) MATHEMATICS 1(OBJ) ----- (2pm-3.30pm) DAY 14. Thurs. May 2nd: (i) HISTORY 2(Essay) ----- (9am-11.30am) (ii) HISTORY 1(OBJ) ----- (11.30am-12.30pm) DAY 15. Fri. May 3rd: (i)BIOLOGY 1(Practical) ----- (9am-11am) DAY 16. Wed. May 8th: (i) AGRIC 2(OBJ&Essay) ----- (9am-12pm) DAY 17. Fri. May 10th: (i) HOME MGT 2(OBJ&Essay) DAY 18. Mon. May 13th: (i) HEALTHSCIENCE 1(Practicals) ----- (9am-10.45am) (ii) HEALTH SCIENCE 2(OBJ&ESSAY) ----- (2pm-4.15pm) DAY 19. Wed. May 15th: (i) C.R.K 2(Essay) ----- (9am-11.30am) (ii) C.R.K 1(OBJ) ----- (11.30am-12.30pm) DAY 20. Thurs. May 16th: (i) FURTHER MATHS 2(Essay) ----- (9am-11.30am) (ii) FURTHER MATHS 1(OBJ) ----- (3pm-4.30pm) DAY 21. Fri May 17: (i) T.D 1(OBJ&Geometry) ----- (9am-11.30am) (ii) T.D 2(Practical Drawing) ----- (2.30pm-5.00pm)

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